this is me.

Welcome to my little piece of the internet. Enjoy yourself while you look around, seeing the way I see things. 

"Don't ever be ashamed of loving the strange things that make your weird little heart happy." -Elizabeth Gilbert

Contact me below - let's talk. Tell me everything. 

I'm Mallory.

Stay-at-home Mama. Photographer. Plant Enthusiast. Beekeeper. Yogi. Aspiring Aromatherapist.  

I like sunshine and sugar and digging in the dirt - messing with my plants... I like silence and noise and snuggling my babies all night... I enjoy fresh honey as it drips, sticky all over my babies' fingers. I love dirty feet in Summer and fuzzy socks in Winter. I like the beach, the woods, the city... I am a thrill seeker and yet, I am a homebody...

I have been photographing my world since film in the 90s! HA! Ohmygod I love how that sounds AND it's the truth

I do have a studio (with backdrops and props), but I prefer to come to your home where you're oh so comfortable, relaxed & can be true to yourself

Or let's venture out into nature to 

see what light tugs at our souls

I'll be your hype girl no matter what.