high school seniors

To my high school seniors...

I love showcasing YOU! This is celebrating life. You are some of my favorite people.

Each of my seniors get a personalized experience - not just a photo shoot. My sessions are full of laughter and a lot of fun (because, don't worry, I bet I am actually more awkward than you feel haha!) I want you to enjoy yourself, love yourself, feel relaxed and feel empowered... this creates authentic laughter and emotion and looks!! I will direct you in how to stand and how to move so I can capture you at your best. My job is to help you in the planning and execution of this art!

So before we schedule a date, let's talk! I want to learn about you. What's your style? What are your ideas? What is your vision for your photos? Let's talk about locations, share mood boards, discuss wardrobe and more! Do you play sports? Are you musical or artistic? Do you want your pets or best friend in your photos? Do you want Fall colors or Spring flowers or grungy downtown alleys and train tracks? Do you want in the rain? Do you want in my studio and outside? Tell me everything.


Sincerely, Me!

Want to tell me even more?

               Complete my online High School Senior Questionnaire 

                                                      to tell me all about what makes you YOU!

Half Hour


A quickie. 

Sometimes you just want the basics, and that is        a-okay! I definitely want you comfortable and expressive, but some of you just want it over with and that's totally fine, too! Hahaha!

One Hour


Let's have some fun! This gives us more time to play! We aren't rushing around, have time to travel to at least one other location and maybe change clothes once or twice! *Anything over 30 minutes.*

Up to Two Hours


This sounds like a long time, but it flies by!

Two hours gives us time to relax, have fun, change hair/make-up/clothes, and travel to lots of your favorite locations! *Anything over one hour. Time can be added on in 30-minute increments.*

Keepsake Boxes

starting at $150

**subject to change at any time - materials, postage costs, print pricing, etc. change frequently**

Beautiful custom keepsake box that hold up to 120 - 4x6 prints and a matching USB drive. I design them all to match your session and personality!! Choose from light or dark stain. Designed by me with custom engraved designs and fonts. Ordered through a wonderful little shop I found on Etsy.